TIES Fall 2015 Scholarship Recipients

Name Picture Major Bio
Aisha Jackson Mountain View EE This fall I transferred from Spelman College where I was a Computer Science major. At Spelman, I was a member of the Spelbots Robotics Team and really enjoyed participating in outreach activities. In the future, I plan on getting my masters and working in the corporate world.
Prana Koirala Mountain View CmpE I am Prana Koirala. I am from Nepal, and I have been in United States since 2009. I am accepted in Georgia Tech through RETP (Regent Engineering Transfer Program) from this fall 2015. I am interested in Computer Architecture and Computer Networking. Getting a Bachelor degree with handful of experiences from Georgia Tech is my plan as well as first goal. I also have a goal to get Master Degree in Computer Engineering, and I haven’t thought going beyond that right now. I want to do something for which I can proud of it.
Malik Barton Mountain View EE My name is Malik Barton and I transferred from Dalton State College. I was born in the United States Virgin Islands and grew up in Stone Mountain, GA. I love to go on long runs, play sports of all kinds and listen to all kinds of music. I plan on going into Alternative Energy and Power Electronics.
Precious Gibson Mountain View EE I am a fourth-year transfer student from Spelman College who is participating in the Dual Degree Engineering Program. I am a dedicated, hard-working, and inspiring student who strives for the greatest heights I can achieve. My plans for the future includes getting my master degree in electrical engineering with a concentration in robotics. My overall career goal is start my own robotics company that will change the world.
Matthew Wofford Mountain View EE I am a 29 year old electrician. I came back to school two years ago and I am excited to be here at Georgia Tech. I hope to learn more skills with software, hardware, and techniques used in power distribution and building design. My goal is to use my field experience with my degree and become a Helluva Engineer!
Hoai Nguyen Mountain View EE I started my major as accounting but then I found that I have interests in science and mathematics, so I switched to electrical engineering, which I found the most interesting in. I plan to work in the company where we plan and design power stations and equipment for generators.