About TIES

TIES Enrichment

During the academic year, TIES provides eligible students with program opportunities designed specifically to assist with the transition from the community college environment to Georgia Tech and to promote long-term academic success. TIES programming will include the following components:

  • Student mentors
  • Interaction with corporate partners and industry mentors
  • Academic advising and assistance
  • Program/career counseling
  • Professional development activities, lab tours, and research opportunities

All community-college transfer students who are electrical engineering or computer engineering majors are eligible for the TIES Enrichment Program.

TIES Scholarship

In addition to support programs, TIES offers per year scholarships of up to $10,000 for academically talented community college transfer students in computer engineering and electrical engineering who demonstrate financial need. Approximately 90 TIES scholarships will be provided during the life of this program.

  • Transfer Student Workshop 16
  • Jill Auerbach and Dr. Elliot Moore
  • Transfer Student Workshop Spring 2016 -Student Mentor (Sean) on the far left
  • Transfer Student Workshop 16